GDG Consulting takes an integrated approach to assisting clients meet their marketing and strategic goals, offering a broad scope of services tailored to each unique company.  Whether working as an outsourced consultant or hand-in-hand with an organization’s marketing and creative team, we become a partner every step if the way.

Branding, Strategy and Culture

At GDG, we will create and implement a focused internal culture/branding program that will resonate the core set of values of your brand. We will help engage, motivate and educate your employees so they become your greatest brand “ambassadors” and make you a leader in your marketplace from the inside out!

Creative & Editorial Writing

GDG’s creative writing services encompass the development of strategic mission statements and collateral, descriptive tag lines and captivating headlines, teasers and the like — each consistent in tone and message.

In addition, GDG’s writings have been featured in a variety of regional publications. Articles and profiles on topics ranging from financial services and legal matters to alpaca breeding and personal stories have been published in the pages of South Jersey Magazine, Suburban Life, Suburban Family and others.

Digital & Interactive Marketing

Making use of the variety of interactive marketing vehicles, GDG will create dynamic web sites complete with customized programming, engaging banner ads and attractive, enticing HTML e-mail campaigns. We are skilled in search engine marketing, pod casts and other cutting edge capabilities.

Distinctive Design

From logo development and stationery packages to brochures, direct mailers and web sites, GDG’s artistic team will create dynamic designs to achieve project objectives while enhancing your company’s image.

Communications Planning

Whether the need is to create awareness, sell products and services, share information, develop incentives or some combination, GDG’s plan will be an integrated, comprehensive and cost-effective approach to reach the right audience with the right message using the right medium

Media, Community & Public Relations

With a clear vision of your target audience and overall marketing objectives, GDG will research develop and implement media campaigns. Such efforts may include ad placement, press release distribution and story development.

Client & Market Familiarization

At GDG, we want to get to know you. We begin with a review of your company’s culture and current marketing efforts. We gain an understanding of your goals and objectives to identify the right target audience then we research the general industry and current trends.

Additional Services

GDG’s full service capabilities include assistance with print and fulfillment management. We will search out creative promotional items, develop unique grass root campaigns and non-traditional outdoor efforts. Our experience spans building loyalty programs, managing sponsorship/trade events and developing cooperative alliances. GDG’s team has experience in producing events for guests; maintaining budgets; organizing meet & greets, media and guest lists; and, working with clients, artists, tour and production management, artist management and other tour-related contacts to produce successful results.