How to pick the right produce on a budget

The term “food desert” is used to refer to low-income, inner-city areas that lack traditional, full-service grocery stores. The concern is that residents of such neighborhoods — often minorities — have little choice but to buy food at convenience stores or eat at fast-food restaurants, with predictably dire health consequences.

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A Dinner in London

This week’s dinner was heavily inspired by the current and past culinary fashion trends. We settled on a classy spot in downton called Hookah Lounge. It’s as fantastic as it sounds.

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Everything you need to know about Honey

Honey provides a good source of glucose and fructose, and is produced by bees from the nectar obtained from various flowers. Bees go from flower to flower collecting nectar which is a solution of water, sucrose, glucose and fructose. Enzymes in the bee’s’ body convert the nectar into glucose and fructose.  

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Table decoration trends

Food isn’t about just how it tastes anymore. Now, more than ever, the looks can make or break a venerable dish. What makes one plate more appetizing than another? Find out in our 2016 trends report.

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Sunday outdoor cooking

Outdoor barbecues are the best, especially if they’re the easy, do-it-on-sunday kind of type. This spectacular chicken barbecue recipe with tomatoes, mozzarella and lots of dressing and pasta will convert even the meatiest burger diehards.

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Sugar: friend or foe?

We know a lot about food but little about the food choices that affect the nation’s health. Researchers have begun to devise experiments to find out why we choose a chocolate bar over an apple – and whether ‘swaps’ and ‘nudges’ are effective.

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In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.

Julia Child

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